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Tanzania Camping Safari: Budget & Sharing Tours

This Tanzania camping safaris are best ssafari tours for those looking for Budget and Sharing Safaris, is the perfect re-arranged and designed for those interested to experience the African Tanzania wildlife Taste in a budget (saving some coins), re-arrangment of day-to-day safari itineraries covering Tarangire, Serengeti, and Manyara National Parks but also Ngorongoro Crater is awesome to increase chance of spoting Big 5 African Animals and other wildlife predators. Particularly the price for budget sharing safari is mostly affordable with the range of $160 - $250Pp (game drive) and accommodation mostly is budget campsites $35 - $80Pp but with an option of upgrading to mid-range and luxurious lodge.


Tanzania Budget Sharing Safari

The Best & Tailored Budget and Sharing Tanzania Safaris


From $160 - $250


01-05 days


Tarangire (2,850mk²)

Serengeti (14,763mk²)

Ngorongoro (8,292km²)

Manyara (330km²)


Budget (Camp)




Safari Tour Type

Big 5 Safari, Sharing, Day Game Drive, Budget Safari

Wildlife Safari Offer

About Budget Safari In Tanzania

This Tanzania Budget Safari is an affordable way to experience the wildlife and beauty of Tanzania among of the peaceful countries in the world without breaking the bank. Thi type of Tanzania safari typically involves visiting Tanzania's national parks such like: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Manyara National Park. Normkally Tanzania Budget safari takes 1 to 7 days depending the style selected (sharing or private), here the is concerning with budget sharing therefore the duration is 1 to 5 days maximum.

Nomally Tanzania budget safari is based on level of accommodation, this is a key factor in saving money on a Tanzania budget safari. Basic public campsites ($35- $90) are usually used during the safari, siignificantly reduce the safari costs and prices, this involve 2 to 5 days safari packages. Though you are free to up-grade accommodation level to mid-range or luxury one but will be not a longer a budget safari may be called joining or sharing safari.

Finally, last but not least budget safari is still an amazing experience that allows travelers to see some of the world's most increadible wildlife in their natural habitat. Both Migration and Big 5 safari, landscapes and some African cultural life style can be experienced through budget safari. Critically acclaimed from many travelers, a budget safari is an excellent and beszt option for those looking for lifetime African memory without breaking the bank.

Budget &Basic Camping Safari

Wildlife SAFARI Offer

About Sharing Safari In Tanzania

This Sharing Safari is a type of Tanzania safari in which a client share a car (Jeep 4x4 Land Cruiser) with other tourists for the aim of keeping costs down, either by group join sharing or group private. Communication with fellow travelers is important to ensure everyone's expectations and preferences are met during your tour for explore the great wildlife experience in Tanzania country.

Overall, one option for sharing a safari in Tanzania is to join a group tour that existing with fixed time table/itinerary. Another option is to book a private safari and then find other travelers to join you. This seems to work to few people who are able to find and convince other travelers such like having a big and trusted fun base in social media, forums, lot of friends and others that can work. This my be a great way to meet new people and make friends while exploring Tanzania's national parks the prks with uniquenesses differently all over ther African and at the world level.

Typically, Tanzania sharing Safari as sharing a safari jeep (car) has been among of the main factor for keeping the safari cost down (less budget). Mostly the cost for a standard safari Jeep with 6 window seats it range between $300 - $500 per day. Therefore, the different costs between a person in private Jeep and sharing Jeep is $300 to $50 per day. Overall, sharing a safari in Tanzania can be a great way to experience this amazing county, whetever you join a group tour or find fellow tracvelers to join you on a private safari, Tanzania's stunning wildlife and landscapes are sure to leave you with unforgetable memories.

Sharing Safari Jeep (4x4)

20 Tours

1-Day (Day-Trips) Budget & Sharing Tanzania Safaris

This 1 day budget and sharing Tanzania safari is a perfect way to explore Tanzania wildlife safari under a wide options either choosing Tarangire, Lake Manyara National Parks or Ngorongoro Crater. Typically, for those having limited time (1 day) this is your only choice to deal with. A re-arranged itinerary from the morning to late evening: 1st; Pick-Up at your hotel to departue area (15mn - 35mn) , 2nd; Departure to a particular Safari destination(3hrs to 4hrs), 3rd; Check-In and Game drive till noon(4hrs to 6hrs), 4th; Lunch at a picnic area(25mn - 40mn), 5th; Game drive till vening (03pm to 05pm), 6th; Drive Back to Moshi/Arusha (3hrs - 5hrs) days. End of the Tour

2 Days Budget & Sharing Tanzania Safaris
(Camping Safari)

Critically, for those having a couple of days in Tanzania and intersted to attend Tanzania safaris in a budget way that can avoid to break their bank balance, this is an options with the smart chemistry of destinations. combination of two Tanzania safari destinations: Op.1; Tarangire & Ngorongoro Crater, Op.2; Tarangire & Manyara, Op.3; Ngorongoro Crater & Manyara.

3 Days Budget Sharing Safari In Tanzania
(Camping Safaris)

For those having only 3 days for safari but also with fixed budget,
this is your offer with some options. In the dry season (summer time) starting from June to February, from early in the morning to evening. For 3 days package you can either choose two/three from the following parks Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Manyara & Serengeti National Park

4 & 5 Days Budget Sharing Tanzania Safaris
(Camping safrari)

For those having enough days (4/5) for safari but also with fixed cost/price
this is your offer with some options. From the morning of day 1 to
evening in day 4/5 you can either choose 3/4 from the following parks
Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Manyara & Serengeti National Park

When is the best time to do a Group Budget Safari in Tanzania?

During the months of dry season & short rain season June - October to February is considered to be the best time and
the weather is cool.
In the dry season parks such as Tarangire are at their prime.

However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you may want to consider going in low season from March to May,
which is Tanzania's rainy season. During this time, prices are generally lower, and you may have fewer crowds and more
opportunities to see newborn animals.
Note: during this time is best for private budget safari and not sharing budget safari due to less number of travelers/clients.

How much it cost for Sharing Group Budget Tanzania Safari?

Mostly and normally on average, you can expect to pay around $160 - $300 per person per day for a group budget
safari in Tanzania
. Usually includes transportation (4×4) vehicle, park fees, accommodation in budget public camps,
and meals(3 per day) while on safari.

The cost of joining a group budget safari in Tanzania can vary depending on several factors, such like length of the safari,
the level of accommodation, the number of people in a group (1-7), and the operator you choose.

How many days should i need for Sharing Budget safari in Tanzania?

For a budget safari, a 3-5 days packages are often good choices, as it allows you to choose the best and popular destinations
(Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater) and a chance to see a wide variety of wildlife. The duration of a budget safari in Tanzania can
vary depending on your interests and budget. However, most Tanzania safari Radar operator offer packages ranging from 3 - 7 days

You can request and book your budget sharing group Tanzania safaris by either Whatsapp:+255679401865 or

More About Tanzania Group Budget & Sharing Safaris

Tanzania budget & sharing safari is based on daily departures to safari game drives in different national parks,
departure involve the group sharing a safari jeep with maximum of 6 people in window
seats to each client, from 1 to 5 days package. Both camping, tented lodges and luxury lodges considered.
Either clients booked at the same company but separately or different companies but one safari jeep involved. Sharing safari always it is faced with some challenges which is out of operation (company) control. We propose to be awear about that before finishing your booking. Contact Us for more about this email Us or Chat With Us (WhatsApp)

How much does it cost (price) for Tanzania budget, group sharing Safari?

Normally, prices are categorized into two options, this give you a chance for choices. Price is based on game drive and accommodation, in accommodation you have a chance to choose the level of accommodation as you wish.

Item Time Cost / Price Condition
Game Drive 1 Day $ 160 One window seat in Safari Jeep sharing car
Public Camping 1 Night $ 35 Camping: Tent, Matress, Pilow, Sleeping Bag & Meals
Lodges 1 Night $250 Mind-Range sellected with options, 3 Meals per day with discout as a tour operator offer.
(JRO)/Arusha Airport 1 Way $ 50/25 For 1-4 people - one car - one way. normal luggages

Tanzania Group Budget Sharing Safari Payment Policy

  • Traveller are requred to pay a depost as a confirmation of the tour
  • This depend in two conditions.

    A- if you choose camping accommodation you have to pay 10-15%

    B- if you choose lodge accommodation you need to pay all amount
    for accommodation as a confirmation in order for us to reserve your rooms.

    Travelers are required to pay all amount before safari

    Tanzania Sharing Budget Group Safari Cancellation Policy

    Traveler may cancel any day before the experience start date

    Camping accommodation full refund before one week and more

    Lodge accommodation refund will depend the lodge's policies

    Cancellation during safari no refund at all