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Umbwe Route - Kilimanjaro Hiking

About Umbwe Route

umbwe route is considered the shortest and steepest of all Kilimanjaro routes. The route has a very poor acclimatization profile hence making it very difficult. umbwe route approaches the mountain from the south and it can be used by experienced hikers who have done pre acclimatization. The route can be completed in six days although we recommend the seven days option the descent is done via mweka route. umbwe route is not as scenic compared to the western routes like machame and lemosho.

Umbwe Packages

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More About Umbwe Route

Recommended hiking time

This route can be tackled in six days but we recommend the seven days option to get an extra day for acclimatization and increase the summit chances. We keep insisting that climbing Kilimanjaro is not a competition and in most route the more days the better chances of reaching the peak.

Difficulty level

This is one of the most difficult routes on Kilimanjaro and also the steepest. We do not recommend this route to our climbers; the route can be only be done by well experienced climbers who are also good at acclimatizing well in high altitude areas. The route has a very low profile and its steep approach to the mountain makes it very difficult.


umbwe route is not very scenic compared to other routes because of its short and steep climb to the mountain

Trail condition

The route is the steepest and one of the most difficult Kilimanjaro routes and should not be tackled by inexperienced climbers and anyone who is not familiar with steep slopes. The trail does not offer acclimatization well so the success the rate is pretty low.