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olpopongi maasai cultural village is a home to the maasai tribe. The place is located just 75km from Moshi and it is well accessible. In your escapade at the village you will get to learn of how a typical maasai survives in the wilderness, how they take care of their animals and an in depth knowledge about their traditional medicines. maasai people are a Nilotic ethnic group that inhabits in northern Tanzania. They are highly famous for the unique culture and ability to reside near national parks. The maasai speaks the maa language, a Nilotic language that is related to the dinka, kalenjin and nuer languages. Most of the maasai have adopted to official national language of Tanzania – Swahili- with the exception of some elders in villages. A typical maasai lifestyle centers on their live stocks, which is mainly their primary source of food. Their wealth is also measured by the number of cattle, the wealthier a man is the more wives he can marry and have more children which count as a symbol of respect in the village. As their societies grew the maasai realized their cattles were not enough for their daily basic needs, so they started practicing farming as their additional activity leaving animal keeping their dominant activity. The maasai are also recognized by their distinctive attires that varies with their age and gender. maasai beadwork is also popular for its intricacy, and the women beadwork express their position in the society. olpopongi maasai cultural village can be visited throughout the year and there might even be a chance of spotting some wildlife animals while on a walking tour that will be guided by the maasai warrior guide. from December to April the area receives rainfall and you will get to see animals more easily, animals that might be spotted includes zebras, Thomson’s gazelle, dick-dick, elephants, and giraffes, from May to august the place is usually windy and dry and spotting of animals can be more difficult, during this time we highly advise our clients to wear long sleeves shirts and a balaclava and sun glasses can come in handy, and the walk might be longer so walking shoes can be helpful from September to November the place becomes hot but less windy.

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Get an early breakfast in your hotel and prepare for an adventure to the olpopongi maasai cultural village. Your guide will pick you up at 7:30am and start your drive. You will follow the main road up to boma ng’ombe and then diverge right to sanya juu road, which you will later branch off to the rough road on the left. Before arrival you will meet your maasai guide along the way, who will take you for a walk in the maasai territory, while your driver proceeds to the village. Depending on your preference the walk might be long or short. The long walk might be up to 12km and you will learn all about the maasai traditional medicines, and while walking you might spot some animals like giraffes and Thomson gazelles. After a long walk you will arrive in the village and be welcomed with the maasai dance and songs. Lunch will be offered after the invitation formalities and thereafter your maasai guide will take you to the local museum where you will get a chance to learn all about their origin, traditions and their day to day lives in the wilderness, you will be able to visit the typical maasai hut, and see how they spend their nights. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible and exchange some pleasantries with the residents. You will then be showed your hut, where you will spend the night and get some rest time before dinner. At 7:00pm there will be bonfire and delicious dinner offered. Enjoy the beautiful and lucid night sky with unlimited fresh air in the wilderness before heading to your hut for a nights rest. Early morning rise and a short walk to the local maasai boma, where you will get to see how local maasai keep their cattle, milk them and may even request to see how they drink their blood without killing them. After that you will head back to the village and breakfast will be offered before departure to moshi or arusha.